Our company, founded in Barcelona in 1996, is known for offering highly specialized products for the most requested esthetical treatments. The Q-LAB range distinguishes itself by offering active ingredients of proven effiency and optimal results, made with the most reliable and modern manufacturing techniques.

Strategic objectives

Our company is a quality and results oriented organization. Those two values are stamped on each and every process involved with our products: research, innovation, development, production and quality control. Furthermore, from its very beginning our company has had a vocation for an international vision and a global reach. The first allows us to see the present and future trends of our action domain, whereas the second acts as an incentive to make our products available in international markets.

Company spirit

The day to day of all organizations is carried out by persons, but always inspired by the organizations' spirit. Here is ours:

  • Effort. Oriented to achieve results.
  • Safety. In all aspects and processes.
  • Commitment. With our clients, with quality and with innovation.
  • Excellence. A spirit of self-improvement that we put in practice in all what we do.

Quality Control